Incidente ad Acqualonga: Una sopravvissuta racconta come sua nonna l’abbia salvata con un abbraccio sul bus a Mestre

Arianna Adamo, a twenty-year-old survivor of the Acqualonga bus accident, recalls the tragic event that took place ten years ago. She and her grandmother had just returned from a trip to Pietrelcina and had visited Padre Pio on their last day. As they were nearing home, the bus they were traveling on crashed through the guardrail of the A16 viaduct and plunged thirty meters into a valley below. Arianna vividly remembers every detail of that day. She and her grandmother were seated in the fourth row on the right side of the bus. When the bus went over the edge, her grandmother held her tightly in a protective embrace. Arianna was only ten years old at the time, and her grandmother’s embrace shielded her from harm. “It is because of that embrace that I am here today,” she tells Adnkronos.

Arianna, now twenty, expresses her condolences to all the victims of the recent tragedy in Mestre. “I say this not only on my behalf, but on behalf of all the other survivors and the relatives of those who didn’t make it ten years ago. The pain is as strong as the anger. They will feel it too when they realize that these tragedies can be prevented with better maintenance and more checks. There was attention back then, and there will be attention now, but always after the fact.”

Arianna adds, “I remember everything as if it were yesterday. When I regained consciousness after the crash, the first responders were already there to take me away. I haven’t seen my grandmother since then. I always have that scene in front of my eyes, impossible to forget. To the relatives of the victims and the survivors, I want to say to stay strong, to never stop fighting for a safer Italy. It’s a battle that I personally will never tire of fighting.”

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