Groupama Assicurazioni sostiene il Fai durante le Giornate d’Autunno: un’iniziativa per tutte le età

Groupama Assicurazioni, a leading player in the insurance sector in Italy and part of the French Groupama Group, will once again support the FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano ETS during the “Giornate FAI d’Autunno” (FAI Autumn Days) on Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15. This event, now in its 12th year, aims to showcase and promote the cultural and natural heritage of Italy.

Italy is a unique country in the world, known for its beauty, culture, and environment. It is home to around 4,000 museums, 6,000 archaeological sites, 85,000 protected churches, and 40,000 historic homes. More than 350 cities across Italy will be involved in this event, allowing the public to discover and marvel at 700 historical, artistic, and natural treasures. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore historic palaces, villas, churches, castles, as well as examples of industrial archaeology, museums, art collections, archaeological sites, libraries, artisan workshops, and production sites. There will also be itineraries in villages and natural areas, urban parks, botanical gardens, and historic gardens.

This is the first year that Groupama is supporting the “Giornate FAI d’Autunno,” but the collaboration between the insurance company and FAI has been longstanding. Groupama has been a Golden Donor of the Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano for many years. Through this new collaboration, Groupama aims to further contribute to the enhancement of Italy’s cultural and natural heritage. Both organizations share a widespread presence throughout the territory, allowing them to be close to people and understand their needs.

“We are happy and proud to continue our support for FAI and its activities on the territory. This year, in line with our ideals that consider cultural promotion and environmental protection as essential values of our identity, we wanted to support the ‘Giornate FAI d’Autunno,’ with the ambition of enhancing Italy’s cultural capital in a society where the environment is protected, promoted, and participated in by citizens at various levels. From Trieste to Palermo, we are excited to accompany our agents, clients, and employees, as well as all our fellow citizens, in discovering the cultural and natural heritage of our country. The bond between Groupama and FAI is a winning one because we are united by the desire to respect and protect what we hold dear and valuable. As insurers, we are driven to act with commitment, responsibility, and solidarity, promoting initiatives that enhance people and the country. It is part of our DNA, and it is an honor to be promoters of virtuous activities like this, which we hope will be just the first step in a long and fruitful journey together,” says Pierre Cordier, CEO and General Manager of Groupama Assicurazioni.

“The growth of FAI is made possible thanks to the contribution of responsible companies that choose to support us every year. Among them is Groupama, a Corporate Golden Donor for several years and, for the first time, a sponsor of the ‘Giornate FAI d’Autunno.’ This new collaboration is based on the common mission of protecting, preserving, and enhancing the beauty of the Italian heritage and the belief that rediscovering its historical, cultural, artistic, and natural value can also generate social value and sustainable development. We are very proud of this partnership and we hope it can be renewed in the future,” concludes Davide Usai, General Director of the Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano.

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