Come Mara Venier ha truffato ingenui con un falso creato con intelligenza artificiale

Mara Venier, the well-known Italian television presenter, has become the victim of a scam involving the misuse of her image. An individual on Facebook, claiming to be a financial consultant, posted a message urging people to invest in a financial project that promises to provide a substantial monthly income with minimal effort. The post featured an animated image of Venier, manipulated using artificial intelligence technology, alongside the name of Elon Musk, the famous entrepreneur. The scammer encouraged people to wait for a phone call and follow the instructions given.

The television presenter expressed her frustration and disappointment at being unknowingly involved in such a deceitful scheme. She immediately sought legal advice from her lawyer, Giorgio Assumma, to protect herself from the unauthorized use of her image. Assumma, speaking on behalf of Venier, filed a complaint with Adnkronos, a news agency.

According to Venier, the fraudulent post has caused a great deal of confusion among her fans. She has received numerous phone calls from concerned followers who were surprised to see her endorsing such a clearly misleading initiative. Venier has instructed her lawyer to take all necessary legal actions to put an end to this illegal activity and seek compensation for any damages incurred.

Assumma confirmed that he has initiated both administrative and legal procedures to address the issue promptly. He also revealed that he has informally contacted the police, who informed him that the person behind the scam does not appear in their database of financial consultants. The police also confirmed that they are dealing with a significant number of similar cases involving requests for money or, in some instances, medication.

Assumma, an expert in artificial intelligence, emphasized the potential dangers of its misuse. He cited the recent strike by Hollywood actors protesting against the indiscriminate use of AI. Assumma explained that in a Hollywood film, an actor died during production, but the filmmakers were able to recreate the actor’s likeness using AI technology to complete the film. He warned of the dramatic consequences that can arise from the misuse of AI, emphasizing how Venier’s case demonstrates the immense harm that can be caused.

In conclusion, Venier’s legal team is taking swift action to address the fraudulent use of her image and prevent further harm. They are determined to bring those responsible to justice and raise awareness about the potential dangers of AI misuse.

(by Ilaria Floris)

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