Sanremo 2024: Gerry Scotti co-conduttore con Amadeus?

Sanremo 2024: Gerry Scotti as Co-Host with Amadeus?

Despite still being many months away from the next edition of the Sanremo Festival in 2024, rumors continue to circulate. Recently, we have discussed the possibility of seeing Fiorello once again alongside Amadeus in his final year as host. Amadeus commented on the situation regarding Sanremo 2024:

“We all know Ciuri (Fiorello). Imagine if he knows something in September, considering that even the week before the Festival, he can come up with something to amaze us. Fiorello is a close friend and there can’t be Sanremo without him, but how this will happen is always a surprise. He has brilliant ideas but never reveals them to me because he likes to see my astonishment. However, I always keep a room facing mine free, so he can come and wake me up whenever he wants.”

However, today the attention has been captured by a photo posted by Gerry Scotti on his Instagram profile. In the photo, he and Amadeus are sitting at a table. Amadeus has a surprised expression, with his mouth wide open and his eyes widened, while Gerry Scotti covers his face to avoid being photographed. The caption of the photo reads: “Well, they caught us.”

For many users on the web, this photo could be a hint at Gerry’s participation as a co-host with Amadeus at Sanremo 2024. But will it really be so? We will only find out in time.

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