Manuel Maura di Uomini e Donne si confessa: “Sono legato a Francesca”

Manuel Maura, a contestant on the reality show Temptation Island 2023, has confessed to still having strong feelings for Francesca Sorrentino. The two young individuals participated in the show together, but unfortunately, the experience caused irreparable damage to their relationship, leading them to break up. During the recent episode of Uomini e Donne on September 13th, the two ex-partners had a confrontation. Following this, Maura took to Instagram to describe in detail his current relationship with Sorrentino.

In his Instagram post after the episode of Uomini e Donne, Manuel said:

“I want to thank everyone for the affection I have received and for those who have believed in me and seen my sincerity. I feel like I am in a very particular and confusing moment in life. I would never want to lose a rare woman like Francesca, but taking a step towards her would only cause her more pain. Unfortunately, I am not 100% convinced of what I want at the moment. I say unfortunately because I feel very emotionally attached to her and I am not looking for a replacement in any way.”

He continued:

“When I am completely clear about what I truly want in life, and if that is directed towards Francesca, I will do everything to recover and get back together with her. If she is still there, of course. Because I believe that what binds us is an unbreakable bond. With this message, I do not want to give false hope or keep Francesca tied to me. It is just to clarify my thoughts, whether right or wrong. I wish I had everything clear today, but it’s not the case. I will definitely regret it because time is passing and other people’s lives are moving forward. Meanwhile, I am stuck in this internal situation, but I cannot change who I am.”

Francesca Sorrentino’s immediate response

Francesca Sorrentino also took to social media after the episode of the dating show on Canale Cinque. She wanted to thank all those who supported her:

“Some wounds take a little longer to heal. The cure is the love of everything that I consider home and time. Thank you infinitely for all the affection and compliments I receive daily. With the hope that I can return to radiating happiness 100%.”

Manuel and Francesca: Criticisms of Temptation Island

During their journey on Temptation Island, the couple faced criticism, especially Manuel, who received a lot of negative comments. Many viewers targeted him on social media, considering him unreliable and lacking transparency. Many also hoped that their relationship would not have a happy ending, deeming it toxic and without a future.

During the episode of Uomini e Donne on September 13th, Maria De Filippi, the host, mentioned that she had considered giving Francesca her own segment on the show. However, she added that it would not have been the right choice as Sorrentino is still emotionally shaken from her past relationship with Manuel. Therefore, Francesca decided not to pursue her own segment.

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