“L’ex di Marisa Leo causa la sua morte a Trapani: Lucarelli rivela la sua tormentata storia”

Marisa Leo, a 39-year-old woman from Salemi in the province of Trapani, was killed by her ex-partner, 42-year-old Angelo Reina, in recent days. Two years ago, she had written to journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli following the publication of a podcast in which the influencer revealed her toxic relationship with her ex-partner. “She left him 20 days after giving birth to their daughter. She made this decision fully aware that he had controlled her until then. She knew she would pay a high price for this decision. She wrote, ‘I am paying for it.’ And reading the news these days, I know she continued to pay a very high price,” writes Selvaggia Lucarelli on Instagram. “I thought about it for a couple of days before writing this post. I wanted to say some things, but also respect the death of this wonderful woman. In the chaos of thoughts that fill everyone’s timelines, it always feels like participating in a feast rather than adding something to the discussion. In this case, it’s even more difficult because Marisa had written to me two years ago after a podcast, telling me about her tormented story. I won’t share the message, which is heartbreaking in light of what happened. It’s unnecessary.”

“Threats, fear, harassment, stalking, and yet she didn’t turn back. It’s true that she withdrew the complaint, but nothing would have changed. He had never stopped, and nothing would have stopped him, except perhaps an immediate reaction from the law. The idea that a man who chases you in a car or threatens to kill you remains free to continue doing so cannot make anyone feel safe. On the contrary, after filing a complaint, it can make one feel even more insecure because the man harbors resentment for the act of defiance and desires revenge. It’s no coincidence that many women are killed on the eve of their trials. Paradoxically, complaints, if not followed by a careful protection network from the law, can become further motives. All of this to say that Marisa had not taken any steps back and had actually stopped being a victim. She didn’t even want her daughter to suffer the consequences of that (former) sick relationship. She withdrew the complaint precisely for the sake of the child, so that she wouldn’t have a convicted father. She simply hoped that the man would be capable of loving as a father. Marisa gave him a chance, not as a partner, but as a human being. She did not make a mistake. She was just a righteous and generous woman,” said Lucarelli.

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