Il padre Saman, Shabbar, debutta in tribunale

Ancora sul padre di Saman

Shabbar Abbas, accused of the murder of his 18-year-old daughter Saman, made his first appearance in person at the Court of Assizes in Reggio Emilia today. Escorted by six prison police officers, Abbas entered the courtroom at precisely 9:56 am, wearing dark pants, a light blue polo shirt, and sporting a thick mustache.

Alongside him were his lawyers Enrico Della Capanna and Simone Servillo, with an interpreter seated behind him. The trial also involves Saman’s uncle, Danish Hasnain, as well as their cousins Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq and Ikram Ijaz. Saman’s mother, Nazia Shaheen, is still a fugitive.

As the trial resumed after the summer break, Cristina Beretti, the president of the jury, asked Abbas if he consented to being filmed by the cameras and media present in the courtroom. However, the defendant denied permission. The ongoing hearing began with the defense lawyers’ request to review some testimonies from the police that had been previously heard when Abbas’ involvement was initially dismissed but later reinstated after his arrest in Pakistan.

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