GF, Beatrice Luzzi: la storia del flirt con l’attore di Hollywood

Beatrice Luzzi and Gerard Butler: a Past Flirt?

It seems like Beatrice Luzzi and Gerard Butler had a flirtation! The scoop broke a few hours ago on social media, with exclusive photos of the two actors dating back to 2004. During the last episode of Grande Fratello on October 2nd, Alfonso Signorini hinted that the actress had previously been involved with a famous Hollywood actor. In the past few hours, Alfonso himself confirmed this by publishing a series of photos from a few years ago in Chi Magazine, showing the current Gf contestant with the renowned actor Gerard Butler.

In the photos, the two were seen hugging and exchanging affection. Chi Magazine also revealed some details about how they met and their relationship: “They met almost by chance, their eyes met, they exchanged a few words. He is magnetic, and so is she. The kiss was the natural consequence.” It was in 2004 during the Ischia Global Fest. Their relationship lasted throughout the summer, but ended when the summer ended. She got married and he found love with another Italian actress: Chiara Conti. Surely, in the upcoming episodes of Grande Fratello, we will hear more about this scoop and get more details. In fact, users are already talking about it on social media.

As for Beatrice, it seems like her heart is beating for one of the housemates, and the chosen one seems to be Giuseppe Garibaldi. During the October 2nd episode, Beatrice admitted to being interested in someone inside the house. Later, during a chat with her fellow contestants, they asked her who she was interested in, and she made a confession. “I find him to be a very generous, courageous guy with a great physique, athletic. And I do have a weakness for Calabria,” she said, referring to Giuseppe. Unfortunately, to the disappointment of fans and housemates, it was just a joke to stir things up inside the house…

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