E-commerce: Altroconsumo avverte sulla scarsa qualità e rischi per la sicurezza dei prodotti

Temu, the trendy e-commerce site, has gained popularity thanks to its strong presence on social media and low prices. However, a recent analysis conducted by Altroconsumo on 28 products purchased from the site, including toys, gadgets, helmets, and cosmetics, has revealed the low quality and non-compliance of these items with EU regulations, making them potentially dangerous. The investigation also highlighted the lengthy refund process in case of returns.

Altroconsumo carefully selected 28 products from categories that are known to pose more problems, such as children’s toys, helmets, and cosmetics. Out of the 15 toys and gadgets purchased, all aimed at children or teenagers, every single one was found to have one or more non-compliances with current regulations. Most commonly, these products lacked the CE marking or presented counterfeit markings, had no instructions in Italian, or had incorrect safety labeling. Some even had obvious labeling errors for products that require approval, like a full-face motorcycle helmet.

As for cosmetics, Altroconsumo analyzed 13 creams, makeup products, and tooth-cleaning items, and found at least one non-compliance in each case. Most products did not list their ingredients or only listed them partially. Other issues included the absence of batch numbers and manufacturer contacts, as well as instructions solely in English or with small, hard-to-read fonts. In about a quarter of the cases, the use of the CE marking was also incorrect.

The analysis also examined the purchasing procedures on the Temu website, which were found to be fast and user-friendly. However, the site does not seem secure, as it accepts short and simple passwords. On the other hand, the indicated delivery times were indeed respected. When it comes to returns, Altroconsumo discovered that Temu requires customers to provide a reason, despite EU regulations not obliging consumers to justify their requests. Moreover, the refund process took too long, with reimbursements being issued 29 days after the withdrawal notification, while the Consumer Code states that they should be made within 14 days.

Altroconsumo will be sending a letter to the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy to report the safety issues with these products.

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