Brigitte Bardot: Un ringraziamento commosso a tutti – l’attrice fa il punto sulla sua vita

Brigitte Bardot, the iconic French actress, recently posted a heartfelt letter on social media to thank her fans for their support during her recent illness and on her 89th birthday, which she celebrated on September 28th.

In the letter, written in her beautiful handwriting with a blue pen, Bardot expressed her gratitude for the hundreds of letters, cards, gifts, flowers, and kind words she received. She was overwhelmed by the kindness, tenderness, and love that her fans showed her.

Bardot’s health had caused concern when emergency services were called to her villa in Saint-Tropez on July 19th. Her husband, Bernard d’Ormale, explained that she had experienced difficulty breathing around 9 in the morning. The medical staff provided her with oxygen to help her breathe and kept an eye on her for a while. Her husband mentioned that, like many people of her age, she struggled with the heat, especially at 88 years old.

The actress expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming emotions her fans had given her. After two and a half months, she sent a global thank you to everyone who had shown concern for her well-being. Although she couldn’t respond to each person individually, she wanted them to know that she had read all their letters and was infinitely grateful.

Bardot also mentioned that she celebrated her birthday after her health scare. She thanked her fans for helping her carry the weight of her 89 years and for giving her the courage and faith she needed to continue her battles. She vowed to fight against human monstrosity until the end, with the support of her fans whom she loves forever.

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