Bper Banca: Sostegno alle famiglie e al territorio in Emilia-Romagna e Baviera

Bper Banca, one of the leading banks in the area, participated in the Romagna Economic Forum, emphasizing their commitment to the region. Cecilia Bavera, the Regional Director of Bper Banca in Emilia Est-Romagna, discussed the bank’s response to the challenges faced by both families and businesses in the area. She mentioned the moratorium intervention as a first step to provide support, but emphasized the importance of not only pausing payments, but also helping businesses develop in the region. Bavera highlighted the role of agri banking in supporting these types of businesses.

Bper Banca also introduced new products dedicated to families, such as a new fixed-rate loan with an exceptional interest rate of 3.39%. Bavera emphasized the bank’s attention to both families and entrepreneurs, acknowledging the significant role that families play in the region alongside businesses.

Bavera also discussed the importance of innovation and sustainability, noting that they go hand in hand. Bper Banca is committed to understanding the concept of Esg (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and has incorporated it into their sustainability plan. They strive to provide competitive tools and pricing that support innovative and sustainable companies in the region.

Bavera concluded by discussing the significance of the Romagna Economic Forum and the bank’s continuous presence and support over the years. She emphasized the importance of resilience, finding solutions, and embracing new ideas. Bavera expressed the bank’s belief in digital banking innovation and the need to reinterpret everyday banking processes. She also mentioned the importance of revitalizing agri banking through internalization and innovation.

Overall, Bper Banca is honored to be a part of the Romagna Economic Forum and is committed to supporting the region and its businesses. The forum provides an opportunity to showcase the Romagna region on a national level. Bper Banca is eager to participate in the discussions and contribute to the success of the event.

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