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Antonio Accorinti, figlio di un boss, si pente della ‘Ndrangheta



Antonio Accorinti, a 43-year-old alleged member of the Accorinti clan in Briatico, Vibo Valentia, and son of Nino, the head of the same criminal group, has turned collaborator with justice. This information was revealed today during the hearing of the “Imponimento” trial taking place in the fortified courtroom of Lamezia Terme. The prosecutor representing the DDA of Catanzaro, Antonio De Bernardo, made this announcement. The prosecutor submitted the documents regarding the first declarations made by Antonio Accorinti as a collaborator, along with those of Onofrio Barbieri, a former member of the Bonavota clan in Sant’Onofrio who recently also became a collaborator with justice.

Accorinti has an impressive criminal background. According to investigations by the DDA, he held a prominent position within his father’s clan. He has also been sentenced to 12 years in prison, in a first-degree trial known as “Costa pulita,” and has been involved in the “Olimpo” investigation. In both cases, he was charged with mafia-type association for criminal purposes.

With Antonio Accorinti’s collaboration, the number of mafia members in the Vibo Valentia area who have become collaborators with justice in the past year has risen to five.

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