Sicurezza a Milano: l’opinione dell’ex sindaco Albertini su Gabrielli e le legioni

Gabriele Albertini, former mayor of Milan, expressed his satisfaction with the appointment of Franco Gabrielli as head of security and social cohesion in the city. Albertini praised Gabrielli’s impressive credentials as the former chief of police, prefect of Rome, and undersecretary with responsibility for services. He also commended Gabrielli’s personal qualities and sensitivity.

However, Albertini stressed the importance of resources and means in addition to leadership. He compared the situation to a war against crime, insecurity, and degradation, stating that it requires not only a general but also the necessary resources. He questioned whether there are sufficient personnel for the police forces, including local ones.

Albertini’s perspective is significant as he served as mayor of Milan twice, from 1997 to 2006, during which he prioritized security. He mentioned initiatives such as the establishment of neighborhood police officers and the implementation of a plan for urban lighting.

During his time in office, Albertini signed an important interagency agreement for security, with then-Interior Minister Napolitano acting as a witness. This agreement aimed to ensure that all institutions and law enforcement agencies worked together with a unified operational center.

Gabrielli’s appointment has been met with controversy, particularly from the center-right, who see it as an admission of the city’s insecurity. Some also interpret it as a soft takeover that undermines the current security councilor, Marco Granelli. Albertini acknowledged that political opposition naturally involves criticizing the government but emphasized the need for compatibility between Gabrielli and Granelli.

Regarding the current security situation in Milan, Albertini acknowledged that there are more problems today, partly due to uncontrollable immigration. He also highlighted the issue of predatory crime and the presence of youth gangs, which he described as an endemic phenomenon. Albertini emphasized the need for additional resources and political will to address these increasing security concerns.

In conclusion, Albertini’s positive assessment of Gabrielli’s appointment reflects his confidence in his expertise and personal qualities. However, he also emphasizes the importance of resources and collaboration to effectively tackle the security challenges facing Milan today.

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