Nuovo progetto: Diletta Leotta cena con Chiara Ferragni ed Elodie

Diletta Leotta has spent the evening with Chiara Ferragni and Elodie: could there be a project involving all three of them in the works?

Diletta Leotta decided to take an evening for herself, leaving little Aria at home with her father, Loris. The presenter went out for a super glamorous dinner in Milan with her friends Chiara Ferragni and Elodie. All three of them looked beautiful with stunning outfits. Diletta wore a black and orange leopard print suit with pointed stiletto heels. Chiara wore a top that left her back exposed and elegant black trousers, while the singer opted for a simple total black outfit with a miniskirt. The three of them set social media on fire once they posted photos from the evening.

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Diletta Leotta and Chiara Ferragni: could Sanremo be involved?

All three friends shared the photos of the evening on Instagram, and they all added red and pink hearts. Fans were amazed by the beauty of the trio. Many wondered what the meeting was about. Many suspect and hope for a possible project involving all three of them: a makeup product or a special winter collection from Chiara Ferragni’s brand. Among the various hypotheses, the idea of Sanremo also emerged… In fact, all three women have hosted at least one evening of the Music Festival and excelled in their roles. Will Amadeus want them again this year by his side on the stage of the Ariston?

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Diletta Leotta, Chiara Ferragni, Elodie: THE PHOTOS

Chiara Ferragni posted a gallery with photos of the evening and her look, and Elodie and Diletta Leotta reposted them on their Instagram stories.

Click here to see the photos from the evening

Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni Photo: Instagram @elodie Photo: Instagram @dilettaleotta Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni Photo: Instagram @chiaraferragni ???? ❮❯

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