Le sfide della gravidanza di Diletta Leotta: opinioni di Canalis

Diletta Leotta recently became a mother just a few weeks ago, on August 16th, her 32nd birthday. The TV presenter has opened up about her pregnancy, her intense love story with Loris, and the feelings of being a first-time mother in a new interview with Corriere Della Sera. She also talked about Elisabetta Canalis, let’s find out why…

Diletta Leotta’s Pregnancy: “Canalis was Right”

To prepare for the arrival of Aria, Diletta decided to create a podcast called “Mamma Dilettante” where she invited different moms and dads who gave her many pieces of advice on pregnancy and motherhood. The new mom revealed her biggest fear during pregnancy: “Not knowing what would happen, how my life would change. The podcast helped me because I realized I wasn’t alone, that everyone has their fears and doubts. Canalis, for example, was very honest: it’s not easy to admit that not everything about pregnancy is beautiful.” She was then asked what she would never give up, and she replied: “Work, for sure. It’s fundamental for me. I know my life will change in many ways and my daughter will be my first thought in everything, but I will try to organize myself in a way that I can share the things I love to do with her.”

Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius: “A Modern but Traditional Story”

Diletta also shared the moment she told Loris she was pregnant: “We were on a video call, he was in England. I was in a panic, but he was very calm and happy.” Speaking about him, she revealed: “Loris was crucial. When I first saw him, I immediately thought he would be the father of my children. Our story is modern but also traditional, just like me.”

Diletta Leotta’s Return to Work after Giving Birth: Her Perfect September Hairstyle

Diletta also discussed her return to work after giving birth, and she shared the perfect hairstyle for September. However, the details about her hairstyle were not provided in the original article, so it is not possible to provide accurate information on this topic.

In conclusion, Diletta Leotta opened up about her pregnancy, her love story with Loris, and her experience of becoming a mother for the first time. She highlighted the support she received from others, including Elisabetta Canalis, and expressed her determination to continue working while balancing her responsibilities as a mother. Diletta’s story is an inspiring example of a modern woman navigating the journey of motherhood.

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