Le curiosità del Ferragnez su Sanremo: curiosità fuori tempo massimo!

“The Ferragnez / Sanremo Special” arrives on Prime Video on September 14, promising to shed light on the behind-the-scenes misunderstandings and potential divisions between Chiara Ferragni and her husband Fedez following his kiss with singer Rosa Chemical (including a simulated sexual act) during the live broadcast of the 2023 Sanremo Festival. However, in a world where attention spans are at a maximum of 8 seconds, this incident, which occurred seven months ago, seems like a distant memory. Furthermore, since the week after the festival, the incident has already been forgotten, as discussions have lazily turned towards the next edition of the festival.

I understand that teams of divorce lawyers have had to intervene on this episode of the series in order to reach a version approved by both parties. However, we are well past the deadline. In a world where attention spans are at a maximum of 8 seconds and one of the subjects involved, Rosa Chemical, is already a distant black and white memory, it is difficult to care about the seven-month-old behind-the-scenes details between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez. Who do the Ferragnez think they are, revealing the truth about those days after such a long time? Giuliano Amato? Besides, over the past seven months, the Ferragnez have not disappeared from the public eye. They have been as visible as ever on their social media, at the center of other controversies (she for expressing support for the city of Milan, affected by bad weather, from a boat off the coast of Sicily; he for another “divorce,” the “artistic” one with Luis Sal). However, rightly so, we couldn’t care less about them. They have a contract to uphold, money to make, and a soap opera to continue. The real blame lies with Amazon, who strikes while the iron is already ice-cold, and as ice, it has melted due to global warming.

With Mr. Bezos’ money, as a Prime Video user, I would expect to be offered a much more current couple special on September 14, titled “The Giambroni” or “The Melbruno”: a behind-the-scenes look at the conflicts between Giorgia Meloni and her partner Andrea Giambruno, who steals the spotlight from his wife with the nonsense he says on TV, just like the other one. In fact, the two couples have long coincided: she is a blonde aspirational “influencer” (except in Meloni’s case, the slogan is not “Think Free” but “Think Pregnant”); he is a cicisbeo whose restlessness is expressed in terms of hair. Just the trailer itself is perfect as it is, you just need to replace Chiara’s face with Giorgia’s and Fedez’s face with Andrea’s: “I know everyone is expecting a misstep,” “I don’t think he fully understood how much it hurt me,” “I asked him to be there as a spectator, not a performer,” are the phrases Ferragni says to Fedez in the trailer, but they could easily work for Meloni and Giambruno too. However, in their case, the setting would be Roman, not Milanese: less tears (or as Ferragni calls them, “various tears”) and more face-to-face arguments, slamming doors, him sleeping on the couch, and her returning to her mother’s house. You can’t compare the two.

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