La figuraccia di Manuela: una lezione per uomini e donne di tutte le età

Manuela Carriero, the new contestant on the show Uomini e Donne, lost her temper with Carlo Marini, one of her suitors, during the episode that aired on Monday, October 2nd. The former face of Temptation Island snapped after being repeatedly provoked by the businessman, who believed he was being overshadowed by another suitor, Michele Longobardi.

Manuela’s reaction has divided the internet. Some have sided with the contestant, believing Carlo’s outburst was premature. Others, however, have condemned the aggressive behavior of the former Temptation Island contestant. But that’s not all: even Manuela’s ex-boyfriend, Stefano Sirena, has commented on the situation. He responded to a user’s comment calling Manuela aggressive and rude by saying, “You are now discovering and understanding everything I used to say.”

Stefano Sirena is Manuela’s former long-term partner. The couple participated in Temptation Island some years ago, and their relationship ended after a heated confrontation. After her relationship with Sirena ended, Manuela got involved with former tempter Luciano Punzo. However, that relationship ended last April.

In the episode that aired on Tuesday, October 3rd, Manuela Carriero once again found herself in the spotlight for launching a harsh attack against one of her suitors, Gianmarco. At first, the contestant expressed her doubts due to Gianmarco’s great self-assurance. Gianmarco then admitted that he was actually a shy person and that the confidence he displayed was just a facade. Manuela didn’t take kindly to his comment and lashed out at him.

Not only did Gianmarco point out Manuela’s aggressive tone, but several viewers also agreed that the contestant was taking out her frustration on him. It seems that Manuela was a bit too aggressive with Gianmarco, who didn’t do much to provoke such a reaction. After eliminating Gianmarco, Manuela asked Carlo to dance, and although he initially refused, he eventually accepted the invitation. However, during their dance, they were seen arguing. There had been misunderstandings between the two during the previous episode.

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