Il dolore di Virginia Mihajlovic: il prezioso ricordo di suo padre

Virginia Mihajlovic, daughter of the late football player and coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, was the second guest on today’s episode of Verissimo, which aired on Saturday, September 9th. During the interview with Silvia Toffanin, Virginia spoke about her recent marriage and her relationship with her father, as well as the birth of her daughter, Violante.

The Marriage to Alessandro Vogliacco and the Absence of her Father Sinisa

The first topic that Virginia Mihajlovic addressed during the interview was her recent marriage to Genoa football player Alessandro Vogliacco. They met in Turin and it was love at first sight: “We fell in love immediately. I am shy and selective, but when I met him, I was surprised at myself. With him, I was happy, I immediately knew he was the right one.”

The wedding day was incredibly emotional for Virginia, but also accompanied by a great sadness and feeling of emptiness due to the absence of her father, Sinisa Mihajlovic. “I had been postponing the wedding for a year due to my father’s condition. I remember the day we found out that he wouldn’t be able to attend in June and he was really disappointed. We rescheduled for this year and obviously hoped he would be able to be there because every daughter dreams of walking down the aisle with her father. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it happen, but I felt his presence with me throughout the entire day,” Virginia revealed.

“I was a bit tense and worried, and it was difficult for me to fully enjoy the day, but I focused solely on my love for Alessandro, and in part, I succeeded. I am certain that he was watching me because I felt a strong sense of protection,” she continued.

Virginia then revealed that initially, she wasn’t sure about getting married, despite loving her partner and nurturing the dream of creating a family with him and their daughter, Violante. This hesitation arose after her father’s diagnosis, which had distracted Virginia from her own plans and personal life. However, Virginia faced the grief and pain of losing her father by demonstrating great strength and courage in organizing the long-awaited wedding: “It wasn’t easy for me to get married, even though I love Alessandro and had dreamt of this wedding. But I knew my dad would have wanted it, and I also wanted to show my husband that I am strong and that I wanted to pledge him eternal love.”

The Birth of Daughter Violante

The relationship between Virginia and her husband runs deep, and two years ago, they welcomed their daughter, Violante. “Becoming a mother has always been my dream, especially because I was born and raised in a noisy family, and I never thought I would be able to live in a quiet house,” Virginia revealed, visibly moved.

For the entire Mihajlovic family, the birth of Violante proved to be therapeutic, especially for Sinisa, who had the opportunity to get to know his granddaughter and spend time with her: “Her arrival brought joy to everyone, and my dad was extremely happy and loved her so much. As his daughter, I was surprised because those who knew him knew how good he was, but it was different with her. I still remember moments when he would look at her and cry.”

Finally, when asked about her mother, Arianna Rapaccioni, Virginia Mihajlovic stated, “She is a strong woman. Over the years, she has suffered so much and has always been by his side in the hospitals. She has gone through difficult times, but she is strong. Slowly, she is recovering. She has never shown any sign of giving up.”

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