I giovani di Forza Italia: sognate come Silvio

La deputata di Forza Italia Marta Antonia Fascina durante la discussione in Aula del disegno di legge sull'Autorità di regolazione per energia reti e ambiente (ARERA), Camera dei Deputati, Roma, 7 maggio 2018. ANSA/RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

Marta Fascina, who was initially thought to be absent, made her presence felt in a powerful way. Although she couldn’t be there physically, her letter addressed to the youth of Forza Italia at the “Azzurra Libertà” event, the first since the death of founder Silvio Berlusconi, received applause from everyone. In her letter, Fascina pays tribute to Berlusconi and his youthful spirit, which she says still brings her great pain.

Fascina addresses the young party members by quoting Berlusconi’s words about being authentic dreamers with the sun in their hands. She emphasizes that the event is dedicated to him and his unwavering youthful heart until the very end.

In her letter, Fascina expresses her sorrow for Berlusconi’s loss and explains that it is still too painful for her to participate in a political event with joy and carefreeness. Nevertheless, she wants to convey her warmest and most affectionate greetings to all the young supporters who have reached out to her.

Fascina highlights Berlusconi’s belief that the youth are the driving force behind the party and the vital energy that makes it attractive. She emphasizes that the Forza Italia youth movement is unique in the Italian political landscape, with brilliant young people, model students, and skilled professionals who all share an immense passion for politics, a strong spirit of solidarity, and an exceptional commitment to public affairs. She commends their unwavering optimism and authenticity as dreamers.

The youth of Forza Italia dream of a more modern, efficient, fast, green, and digital Italy that caters to the needs of young people in the third millennium. They dream of an Italy proud of its history, identity, flag, and symbols. They strive for an Italy free from tax, bureaucratic, and judicial oppression. Fascina praises their visionary perspective on society, free from outdated ideological patterns and stereotypes, which she says Berlusconi also shared throughout his successful career in business and politics. He always invested in young people, providing them with managerial, party, and even institutional positions. He believed in the perfect blend of experience and innovation, which guided his endeavors in every field.

Fascina expresses her gratitude to Stefano Benigni, Maurizio Gasparri, and Antonio Tajani for organizing the splendid event. She believes that Berlusconi, with his ineffable, wonderful, and delighted smile, is watching and imagining being able to embrace each and every one of the young participants.

In conclusion, Fascina encourages the young supporters to dream big, fight for their ideals, and pursue the projects they hold dear in their minds and hearts, for themselves and the people they love. She quotes a phrase that was dear to Berlusconi: “Those who believe will fight, those who believe will overcome all obstacles, and those who believe will win.” She emphasizes that he always believed and, as a result, always emerged victorious.

Fascina ends her letter by cheering for the youth, Forza Italia, and freedom, emphasizing that this celebration is dedicated to Berlusconi and his eternally youthful heart. She encourages the young supporters to continue dreaming and fighting for the values and principles they hold dear.

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