Gerry Scotti conferma partecipazione epica a Sanremo

Gerry Scotti has confirmed his presence at the next edition of Sanremo. Yesterday, September 7th, Gerry Scotti and Amadeus literally broke the internet after sharing a photo together on Instagram. Just one snapshot of the two presenters having breakfast was enough to drive social media users crazy, as they immediately speculated about a possible collaboration for the next Sanremo Festival. Many believed that sharing this encounter was not a coincidence, but rather a deliberate attempt to build anticipation and hype among the festival’s fans. One thing is for sure, if that was the intention, it worked wonders, as there has been constant talk about the potential debut of the host of Caduta Libera on the Ariston stage.

In response to the speculation, Gerry himself decided to address the rumors by posting a humorous video on his Instagram profile. The presenter not only addressed the recent rumors but also indirectly confirmed his participation in Sanremo. “Amadeus and I ended up in all the newspapers just because two friends of a certain age had a coffee together. So, I decided to tell you the truth. Was it really so difficult to ask what we were talking about?” Scotti said. He then added, “By the way, do you know of a good hotel in Sanremo that is reasonably priced?” implicitly confirming everything. In short, after these words, there were few doubts left: it seems that we will finally see the legendary presenter at the Italian music festival.

Further confirming the rumors, Amadeus commented ironically on the post, saying, “Why did you reveal what we were talking about?” This comment only fueled the hype surrounding this possible collaboration. Within minutes, the video went viral on TikTok, reaching even the youngest users who dominate the platform.

With Gerry Scotti’s presence confirmed, one might wonder if there will also be a return of Gianni Morandi, as there has been much talk of him joining Amadeus once again. As for female representation on stage, according to some rumors, Amadeus is trying to bring singer Annalisa to the hosting team. She has already participated several times in the competition. In any case, there are still many months until the start of the Sanremo Festival, so we will have to wait to find out what will happen.

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