Francesca Fioretti: La foto di un luogo speciale dove era con Astori

Francesca Fioretti, the former partner of the player who passed away in 2018, has taken little Vittoria back to the place where they had taken a photo together with her father.

Anyone who has seen that photo, taken in a place she calls home, immediately remembered the one taken when they were still a family of three. Francesca Fioretti, the ex-partner of Davide Astori, has posted photos of herself and her daughter, capturing a happy moment they shared on the beach, with the sunset as a backdrop.

They play together and run on the sand, they hug each other, they live and move forward as they have since March 4, 2018, when they lost a partner and a father. Because on that day, out of the blue, the former captain of Fiorentina, who was on a training camp in Udine, had a sudden illness that took him away forever.

“Safe places,” wrote the ex-partner of the footballer. A video and a photo taken right there, in the same place where a photo had been taken with Davide when Vittoria was still very young. And her followers wrote to her: “The second photo… it reminds me of a special place. It hits me right in the heart.” “I like to think that Davide is there with them, just like back then.”

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