“Format di Pomeriggio 5 simile a La vita in diretta”

Alberto Matano is getting ready to return to television and in the meantime, he has given an interview to Libero.it. Here’s what he said.

The new edition of La vita in diretta is just around the corner: the show hosted by Alberto Matano will be back on Monday, September 11th. In the meantime, the renowned journalist has given an interview to Libero.it where he talked about his recent holiday and shared his opinion on the new version of Pomeriggio Cinque, hosted by his friend and colleague Myrta Merlino.

Alberto Matano’s comments on Pomeriggio Cinque

As expected, during the interview, there was a discussion about the new version of Pomeriggio Cinque. The popular afternoon talk show on Canale 5 returned to the airwaves last Monday with a change in hosts: Barbara d’Urso was replaced by Myrta Merlino this year. Since Myrta is an old friend of Alberto Matano, he was asked to express his opinion on the new look of Mediaset’s flagship afternoon program.

Matano couldn’t help but notice and point out the extreme similarity between La vita in diretta and Pomeriggio Cinque, stating:

“I watched the episode, and I also read many comments on social media where users said that this year Pomeriggio Cinque is resembling our format a bit. And I have to say that I’m pleased about that. Everyone adds their own touch, of course, but the model seems to be that of La vita in diretta; even the new set design seems to resemble ours, so I’m glad about it, it means that we have created a successful format. After all, it’s not the first time competitors look at public service television, so: good!”

The new edition of La vita in diretta

Among other things, Alberto Matano also talked about the new edition of La vita in diretta, giving some previews. The journalist stated that the studio will be completely new, but certain characteristics that viewers have shown to appreciate will be kept: “A winning formula shouldn’t be changed. We will always focus on telling the most important news stories and end with lighter and more popular moments.”

Furthermore, the journalist said: “We have achieved good results and we are ready to do even better. It’s true, viewership is increasing, and so are our responsibilities. It is a great encouragement for us, a great gift, but also a strong motivation to keep growing. I believe that I have given my all: my experience, my background, and even my age, because when I started I was 45 years old, now I’m 50, and so I have used the perspective of a forty-year-old to tell stories aimed at an afternoon audience, mostly older.”

Recent holidays and participation in “Ballando con le stelle”

Before diving into work-related issues, there was also time to talk about the recent summer holidays that Matano spent completely disconnected from the world of television, in order to fully dedicate himself to his loved ones and relaxation. The journalist revealed that he completely turned off the television and, in this way, he “detoxed” himself and prepared to start the new television season with renewed energy.

“Holidays were wonderful, I turned the television off completely. It’s my method of detoxification since my days as a news anchor. At that time, I had fragmented holidays throughout the year, so they were shorter, but now with La vita in diretta, we go straight for ten months, so the summer is truly a great break. I spent long vacations with friends, my partner, family, and the sea, no television: I turned on the TV two days ago,” said the host.

Finally, when asked about his participation in the next edition of “Ballando con le stelle,” the popular dance talent show hosted by Milly Carlucci on Rai1, which will officially start on October 21st, Matano responded: “For four Saturdays, I will host La vita in diretta in the afternoon instead of Italia Sì, apart from that, I don’t know yet, we’ll see what Milly says.”

And when it comes to the possibility of embarking on a completely different working experience in the future from La vita in diretta, the journalist joked: “Ah, I don’t know, who knows. A dancer for one night?” Could this be a reference to Matano’s new role in the upcoming edition of Ballando con le stelle? Only time will tell.

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