Flavia Vento: L’incontro con la Madonna e la profezia del ritorno di Gesù

Flavia Vento, the Roman showgirl, caused quite a stir on Twitter on Tuesday, October 3rd. In a tweet that quickly went viral, she claimed to have had an encounter with the Virgin Mary, sparking a wave of jokes and ironies. According to Vento, she witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mary, who told her that Jesus will soon return to Earth. This mystical event supposedly took place at the Parco di Roma Golf Club.

“The Madonna appeared to me by the spring at the Parco di Roma Golf Club. She was dressed in sky-blue and had 12 stars on her head. She told me that humanity only needs prayer and that Jesus will return soon.” This was Flavia Vento’s tweet, accompanied by a photo of a Madonna that she claims resembles the one she encountered, with a crown of twelve stars and a cloak.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was flooded with comments, mostly filled with irony and sarcasm. It seems that Vento doesn’t enjoy much credibility.

This isn’t the first time Flavia Vento has made headlines with her otherworldly stories. A few months ago, she claimed to have seen aliens. She jumped on the opportunity after former American 007 agent David Grusch declared to Congress that the US “has alien spaceships” and has been hiding a UFO program for decades. Vento saw this as a vindication.

Last September, she spoke to MowMag and recounted seeing a peculiar object in the sky. She noticed a star that was moving and emitting a strong light, and she was certain it wasn’t an airplane. But that’s not all. Vento also claimed to have seen a UFO six years ago while in the Marche region.

Flavia Vento certainly knows how to capture attention with her extraordinary stories. Whether you believe her or not, her tweets continue to spark discussion and amusement on social media.

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