Stefano De Martino: scherzi sul suo compleanno con la nuova fidanzata

Stefano De Martino recently celebrated his 34th birthday with a dinner attended by his closest friends. Among the few pictures that emerged from the evening, one caught the attention. It was taken from a friend’s Instagram story and showed an interesting detail: a brunette girl sitting right next to De Martino.

Could this be Martina, Stefano’s rumored new flame? It’s not clear, but it could very well be her. Some friends wanted to tease the TV presenter a little: in an Instagram story that captured the dinner, they drew a heart on Stefano De Martino and the girl sitting next to him. Could this be a sign of a new couple? De Martino himself neither confirmed nor denied anything.

Stefano and Martina have been spotted together on several occasions recently. Just a few days ago, they were caught outside her house. It seems that Stefano was supposed to go inside with Martina, but he decided to leave once he saw the photographers. Some time before that, they were seen strolling through the streets of Milan. Despite the lack of confirmation about a possible relationship between the two, many already believe that love has blossomed between Stefano and Martina.

So, who is Martina, Stefano’s alleged new flame? She is reportedly 26 years old and originally from Pescara, although she now lives and works in Milan. She has nothing to do with the entertainment industry and works as a Retail Specialist for the cosmetics company Filorga. Despite not being in the spotlight, Martina seems to have a decent following on social media, with over 11 thousand followers on Instagram. There have also been rumors about her previous relationship with a well-known person named Andrea, whose last name was not revealed.

At the moment, there are many rumors that have yet to be confirmed. It remains to be seen whether Stefano De Martino will decide to come out in the open, either confirming or denying what has been circulating so far. However, it seems that his relationship with Belen Rodriguez is now a distant memory.

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