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Matrimonio di Valerio Scanu con Luigi Calcara celebrato al Campidoglio



Valerio Scanu and Luigi Calcara have said “yes”. Today, Thursday, September 7, 2023, the former contestant of Amici di Maria De Filippi got married to his partner at the Campidoglio in front of friends, family, and VIPs who came from all over Italy for the occasion. The wedding was officiated by journalist Silvia Berri, who praised the love between the two young men, who, despite initial suspicions, managed to overcome their differences and lay the foundation for a future together.

It was an emotional ceremony, perhaps also because of the chosen date, which coincides with the birthday of Valerio Scanu’s father, who passed away from Covid in 2020. The couple entered the hall hand in hand with their respective mothers. For the occasion, Luigi wore a blue suit, while Valerio Scanu wore a white dress with a mini train that captivated all the guests.

Speaking of guests, many familiar faces attended the wedding, such as Laura Freddi, Valeria Marini, and Martina Stavolo, who was also a former contestant of Amici di Maria De Filippi. Valerio shared his journey in the famous Italian school with Martina. In short, it was a ceremony that moved everyone and had the purpose of celebrating the love between two lovers, as stated by Silvia Berri in her post:

“Love always decides the moment in which to reveal itself: love is like a travel ticket that is given to us. It’s taking the suitcase and setting off without the need to know the final destination in advance.”

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