Marina Berlusconi esprime dubbi sul governo: “Preoccupazioni sulla tassa sugli extraprofitti”

Marina Berlusconi, the president of Fininvest, expressed her concerns about the new bank levy, stating that it could make the country less attractive to foreign investors. Speaking at the Confindustria assembly, she acknowledged the government’s efforts but questioned the method and merit of the measure. She disagreed with the term “extra profits,” finding it misleading and demagogic. She raised questions about how to determine when a profit is considered extra and to what extent. Marina hopes that Parliament will reformulate the law to make it more balanced. Forza Italia has already presented amendments to the decree in this regard. Moreover, Marina pointed out that concerns about the law’s constitutionality have also been raised, warning that its current form could deter foreign investors. Despite her reservations about the bank levy, Marina praised the responsible approach of Giorgia Meloni’s government, both in managing public finances and in foreign policy. She emphasized that it is still early to judge the government’s performance, as there are still four years left in the legislature and many challenges to face. Marina also confirmed her family’s commitment to Forza Italia and their support for Tajani. She stated that they have always declared their loyalty to the party out of love and respect for their father. However, Marina denied any personal political ambitions, stating that she is content with her role in Fininvest.

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