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Dispute tra Shakira e Piqué: il processo non è concluso



Shakira and Gerard Piqué separated a year ago and their disagreements have not diminished since then. The singer and the footballer are still at odds with each other. Piqué has a new girlfriend, which is one of the main reasons for the Colombian pop star’s anger. All that anger is reflected in her songs, where she describes her truth as a wounded and betrayed woman.

“In recent hours, journalist Lorena Vázquez from Antena 3 said, ‘I don’t agree on the Christmas holidays’.” The journalist also mentioned that the divorce process is still ongoing. Unfortunately, the couple’s children, who are at the center of the dispute, are inevitably slowing down the legal process. At the moment, Shakira’s priority is her children and the health of her 92-year-old father.

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