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Belen ed Elio: il loro bacio in pubblico fa scattare l’attenzione



Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni have been a couple for several weeks now. During their recent vacation, they decided to go on a romantic trip to the Dolomites. They even had an unforgettable experience: paragliding. According to some rumors, Belen has already introduced Elio to her family. But there was still something missing to make this relationship truly official: a passionate kiss, which happened just a few hours ago…

Belen and Elio were caught by the magazine Diva e Donna in a bar in Milan. The couple exchanged various caresses and affectionate gestures until they finally gave in and shared a passionate kiss, which was captured in a photo. This is not the first time the couple has been photographed together. In fact, the first time they were seen together was at Ignazio’s birthday party, but they only exchanged sweet caresses without going any further.

Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni: haters still think about Stefano

Belen has definitely turned the page, and as we can see from her latest Instagram posts, she finally feels free and in love with life and Elio. But her haters still think about Stefano. In fact, there are many users who continue to blame Belen and judge her for her life choices. Many think that this relationship is not meant to last and that Belen will go back to Stefano. However, the relationship between Belen and Elio is different from the others because they were friends for 10 years before becoming a couple, and they have a solid foundation to build a lasting relationship. Could he be the man of her life?

Belen Rodriguez returns to work: “Today is the most important appointment of my life.” What will happen?

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